IPA II program by the European Union in partnership with Turkey, funded, TOBB and the European Union of Chambers (Eurochambres) Turkey-EU Business Dialogue which is implemented by (Turkey-EU Business Dialogue - TEBD) will be held within the project "EU Acquis Harmonization Work" training Tarsus Accepted on the Commodity Exchange.

Mayor Murat Kaya made a statement about the project;

"Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) final beneficiary organizations on the roof of our organization, projects Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of the main objectives of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue project execution; EU and to promote the integration of the Turkish business community, the EU at the potential opportunities and challenges about how to provide a stronger awareness between the EU and Turkey is to provide positive and lasting results to lead a constructive private dialogue to be developed for both parties.

Our top roof organization at this point due to the European Union by the Department of TOBB in Turkey to be included in this project has been completed election of 25 executives, from Tarsus Commodity Exchange Project Coordinator Ms. Pinar Alegöz had been selected. Ms. Pinar Alegoz will receive trainings on “Agricultural Food Products”, “CE Marked Industrial Products” and Sustainable Production and Trade within the scope of EU Acquis Harmonization Studies.

Thus, the compliance of our companies with the EU legislation will be evaluated in the subjects covered by the training.

With the representation of Tarsus within the scope of such a project, the visibility, recognition and awareness of the Tarsus Brand will be ensured in the EU of our agricultural and industrial products. "

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