We wholeheartedly believe that we will be able to reach a more livable, more powerful, loving and peaceful world when we are able to contribute to our decision-making mechanisms with the intelle... devamı »
 Turkish Women's Union Tarsus Branch Presidency by the March 8 International Women's Day event "Women's Rights in our country" on the panel discussion on the stock market, gave support to the sta... devamı »
Tarsus Commodity Exchange President Murat Kaya stated that the first goal of the private sector is to produce a more difficult period in the commercial and economic process and to start with more work... devamı »
 Tarsus Commodity Exchange personnel continue their training in basic management issues related to corporate development within the scope of educational programs organized by TOBB.   devamı »
Tarsus Commodity Exchange and Tarsus İŞKUR Service Center Directorate signed the Protocol on Applied Entrepreneurship Training.   devamı »
During the first days of the year, Tarsus Commodity Exchange exchanged views on the expectations of the members for the year 2019 and the economy and trade of the city.   devamı »
  The 7th year Certificate Renewal Evaluation conducted within the framework of the Quality Management Standard was successfully carried out under the supervision of Chief Auditor Eren Bilgiseve... devamı »
 Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges - Banks Association of Turkey Real Sector & Financial Sector Strengthening Dialogue Meeting was held in Adana on Friday, November 30, 2018. ... devamı »
President Murat Kaya referring to the impact of the economic and social functions of the products of crop production Kaya "The livestock sector is the most important and cost our country in compound f... devamı »
Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TATSO) General Secretary Okan Özoğlu had a visit to Tarsus Commodity Exchange.  devamı »


According to Act No:5174, Commodity Exchanges are the organizations that are responsible for arranging and registering trade commodities, establishing and announcing daily prices, creating general rules and decisions with the acceptance of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) about obligation of delivery, accepting delivery and payments, arbitration procedures in conflicts, following and communicating with domestic and foreign exchanges and markets, constructing laboratory and technical offices to establish types and qualities of commodities that are traded in the exchange processes, arranging and announcing the customs and practices of exchanges and obscuring duties established by other regulations and Ministry of Industry and Trade. For these reasons commodity exchanges are very important under free market conditions.

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