Romania, the country of the European Union, can be the gateway to Tarsus. Within the scope of the Geliştirme Tarsus Agricultural Products Group Export Promotion Proj project approved by the cod... devamı »
 Tarsus Commodity Exchange Chairman Murat Kaya said that it is always among the priorities to provide better quality service to its members by increasing the service quality of the Exchange and i... devamı »
 Tarsus Commodity Exchange and Tarsus Tarsus Chamber of Commerce and Industry  met members who created new investment and business areas and increased employment within the scope of member v... devamı »
The Quality Management System Tarsus Commodity Exchange was audited by Turkish Loyd. The Quality Management System of the Exchange was audited by Turkish  Loyd, which provides management systems... devamı »
 Tarsus Commodity Exchange ‘’Frequent Planting Garden Planting Hard-Seed Fruit Growing and New Generation Rootstocks” seminar showed great interest. Speaking at the seminar held in the stock exc... devamı »
With the Zero Waste  project, the Tarsus Commodity Exchange Personnel received Waste Management training at the point where a more livable environment and a stronger economy were targeted with th... devamı »
The Governor  Mr. Kadir Sertel OTCU , the chairman of the Tarsus Olive Platform meeting  where the geographically marked Tarsus Sarıulak Olive was the main agenda. In his opening speech abo... devamı »
 Tarsus Sarıulak Olive Oil and Tarsus Sarıulak Olive Oil, which was recently taken as ‘Geographically Marked’ in cooperation with Tarsus District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Tarsu... devamı »
 Tarsus Chamber of Agriculture and Tarsus Commodity  cooperation between Turkey Specialized Products Company (TURIB) was made to advertise the manufacturer. devamı »
 Tarsus Commoity Exchange International Trade Coordinator Ms. Pinar Alegoz began Export Coaching and Foreign TradeTrainings at member companies, and also EU Aquis Audits which is scope of  T... devamı »


According to Act No:5174, Commodity Exchanges are the organizations that are responsible for arranging and registering trade commodities, establishing and announcing daily prices, creating general rules and decisions with the acceptance of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) about obligation of delivery, accepting delivery and payments, arbitration procedures in conflicts, following and communicating with domestic and foreign exchanges and markets, constructing laboratory and technical offices to establish types and qualities of commodities that are traded in the exchange processes, arranging and announcing the customs and practices of exchanges and obscuring duties established by other regulations and Ministry of Industry and Trade. For these reasons commodity exchanges are very important under free market conditions.


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Tarsus Tarsus
Tarsus Tarsus